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      “Our mission is to gather and provide resources for international relief”



      CRW will not be accepting any donations until the first week in August.
      We have been working on loads but we seem to be experiencing major issues with bookings being created and then cancelled on us.
      We are overfull. While there maybe a few empty bins around, there is no space left to put processed boxes.
      Please either hold your donations or share them with another charity until we can resume accepting your gifts.
      We do not enjoy doing this, as the need is great, but our team needs to work in a safe space.
      Thank you for your understanding and patience.




      • Six container shipments have been sent to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Further container shipments will take place over the next few weeks. Financial donations are needed to cover the cost of purchasing the containers, $6,000 each and the cost of shipping, $6,000 each. Please use the Donate Now button on this page and designate "Ukrainian refugees". Further information about these shipments can be found here.

      • An update from our partner in the region can be found here. 

      • A magazine article about refugee assistance in Poland can be found here.
        The warehouse mentioned is the destination for most of our shipments there.


      • Note that due to Covid restrictions, appointments are required for all drop offs. Please call 250-381-4483 to make arrangements for a drop off time as all drop offs are by appointment only. Thank you in advance for all your kind assistance.


      • Dave Peacock has received a thank you for the recent container sent to Ghana which can be found here and a distribution report which can be found here.
      • Dave Peacock has provided an update on his recent activities which can be found here.
      • A report on the distribution of the recent shipment to Zambia can be found here.
      • The 2021 year end newsletter is out thanks to the excellent work of Gord Reed. It can be found here.
      • A video of the opening of the long lost Lebanon container can be found here. Amazingly everything is just as it was packed two years ago.
      • The container that was buried in the Beirut, Lebanon port explosion in August, 2020, and found intact a year later has now arrived at its destination in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon. A video of the arrival can be found here.?


      • Dave Peacock has provided an update on the distribution of items from the container sent to Belarus which can be found here.


      • We have received news that the container sent to Beiut, Lebanon in 2020 which was lost in the harbour explosion, has now been found intact. See the story here.?


      • Dave Peacock has provided an update on future and past shipments which can be found here.


      • We have received a recent newsletter from the Zimbabwe Gecko Society. We have partnered with ZGS on container shipments over the last several years and they have made significant progress in bringing new facilities and capabilities to several communities in Zimbabwe. The newsletter can be found here.


      • These are SOME of our current needs in each area:Sewing: scissors, pins, buttons, cutting boards

      • Sewing machines: good working and good condition portable sew machines

      • Household: pots and pans, kitchen utensils, cutlery, water bottles

      • Hygiene: toothpaste/brush, hair brush and combs, items for a hairdressing teaching/supply kit

      • Education: calculators, pencil sharpeners, geometry sets, flash cards

      • Office Supplies: staplers, push pins, index cards and holders

      • Maternity Pack:hand towels, onezies, sleepers, sanitary pads

      • Hardware & Tools: fasteners: nuts, bolts, screws; hand tools, garden tools, rope, safety glasses

      • Medical: 1st aid supplies, eye charts, hand instruments, scales, slings & tensor bandages

      • Child Development:  infant & toddler toys, dolls, cars, blocks 

      • Clothing: Only good office clothing for men and women 

      Note that all drop offs are by appointment only. Please call 250-381-4483 to make arrangements for a drop off time. 
      Thank you in advance for all your kind assistance.


      • The summary newsletter for 2020 is out. Thank you Gord Reed. It can be found here.


      • Dave Peacock has put together an album of pictures of the unloading and distribution of goods sent to the Bearing Fruits Organization in Ghana which was loaded in Dec 2019 and arrived in April 2020. The album can be found here.


      • Susan Janetti of the Zimbabwe Gecko Society has sent us a set of slides about the impact our shipments have had in Zimbabwe. They can be found here.


      • We have received pictures of the unloading of the the Jordan container which was sent to refugees there in March. They can can be found here.


      • Dave Peacock's most recent newsletter provides a look at the devastating impact of the Corona virus in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It can be found here.


      • An update from Dave Peacock regarding the container for Ghana which was shipped in December and has now arrived can be found here.


      • We have received a report from the DeGreef family. This family went to Uganda in March and are now at home in isolation. Their report can be found here.


      • Dell Marie has written a letter about the Covid-19 crisis and about the need for donors to continue to support the work of CRW financially in preparation for shipments which are waiting to be loaded out when this is all over. The letter can be found here.




      • Please note that CRW does not accept medications of any kind. Disposal of medications has become an unwelcome burden for us.?



      CRW has had the blessing of receiving boxes and bags from

      Canada Comforts up-island groups- so many of you!!!

      Boxes from Penticton Church of the Nazarene

      Boxes from Kelowna Church of the Nazarene

      Boxes from Three HIlls Alberta

      Boxes from Mrs Robb in Ontario

      Boxes of knitted dolls from Sask

      Boxes of knitted dolls from Nanaimo and Port Alberni

      Boxes and bags from many friends here in Victoria

      Vancouver Island Health- medical supplies

      Vancouver Island Health Regional Laundry- hospital linen

      Along with our regular donors- Sailor Jacks, WIN, Abra Kid Abra Everything, Red Rover Children

      Thank you again for your kindness!